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By Cynthia Blake

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ParetoLogic DriverCure Review

Keeping your computer up to date can be a full time job. Sometimes it's not so easy to keep track of everything that needs to be updated, and this can be especially true for Windows device drivers. Many people don't even know what device drivers are, let alone that it's often possible to update them for better performance and a faster computer.

Fortunately for the not so computer savvy folks (as well as computer pros who want to make their lives easier) there is software to help the process. Programs like DriverCure ( main site | download ) will scan your computer for all installed drivers and then compare them to a master database of all known recent drivers.

Device drivers are critical to the performance of your hardware. They are code interfaces that allow Windows to communicate with external hardware devices such as your mouse, printer, scanner, monitor, sound card, and more. Driver updates are often released by the hardware companies to help improve performance and eliminate errors and compatibility issues.

Finding the proper driver updates for your computer hardware can be a pain in the neck. Sometimes even searching through Google only confuses and frustrates even computer tech professionals. The problem is that often drivers for computers from certain manufacturers (Such as IBM/Lenovo, Compaq, HP, Dell, and others) are NOT properly listed on the hardware manufacturer website. This is commonly the case for system drivers such as those for your display and video cards.

Our Test ParetoLogic DriverCure Review

Case in point: while testing DriverCure I did a search for my computer's most up to date ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 driver. Going to ATI's website did not help. Doing a quick Google search did not reveal the answer, at least that I could find. Another problem is that it appears that this particular hardware has DIFFERENT drivers for computers of different manufacturers. My computer is a Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad. Finally I Googled the latest driver version as displayed in DriverCure's scan results page, and found that it's a particular driver that seems to be published by Lenovo. DriverCure had it right the first time.

This confirms for me that DriverCure does a good job of finding the PROPER drivers for your computer, no matter what brand or model it is. This is very important, as installing the Compaq drivers on an IBM computer will probably not work very well.

Drivers Can Improve Functionality ParetoLogic DriverCure Review

I had a plug and play wireless Logitech mouse for my laptop. I had never bothered to download the software and drivers because I've been busy and didn't have time to go searching for the proper driver versions. My mouse has a scroll wheel that can also click left and right. I wasn't able to set functions for that feature without the proper software and drivers.

While testing DriverCure I was able to easily obtain the proper drivers for my mouse, and I then set the side to side mouse wheel functions to activate the forward and back buttons in my web browser. I have to say it's a great improvement.

Overview ParetoLogic DriverCure Review

DriverCure is an automatic driver download program that makes the process of finding, downloading, and installing the latest drivers for your computer as easy as a few simple clicks. It does so by scanning your computer for all installed software, hardware, and drivers, and then comparing it with its continually updated master driver list.

Setup ParetoLogic DriverCure Review

Downloading and installing the program was very easy and quick. It's not a large download, and the program itself is light on its feet (meaning it won't drag your computer down with a large memory requirement).

Scan And Results ParetoLogic Driver Cure Review

The scan that DriverCure runs is fast, and covers all the bases. The results list everything: Hardward, Current Driver Version, Updated Version, and the vendor details of the driver. Note: You might notice that the updated version has a lower number than the old version. This is because the old version may be a vanilla Microsoft driver, which has a different version heirarchy. The updated version is likely to be from the hardware manufacturer itself, and is probably a better driver for your hardware. If you're concerned, you can double check by doing a Google search of the driver versions.

DriverCure Review

It was nice to see that DriverCure also offers some software updates. I was able to get an updated version of my clunky Kodak Easyshare software quickly and easily.

Download and Installation ParetoLogic DriverCure Review

You can pick and choose which drivers you want to update by checking and unchecking them in the scan results list. Once you've made your choices you click on "Next" and all the driver versions are automatically downloaded for you. Download speeds weren't blazing, but they ran at a good clip. You can let the program run in the background while you browse the net and do other things. However, keep in mind that you should exit all software when installing new drivers. That means your internet browser.

Driver Cure Screen

The driver installation is automatically initiated by DriverCure, which is helpful and takes a lot of guesswork out of the process.

DriverCure Installation Screen

Conclusions DriverCure Review

DriverCure is an excellent way to quickly and easily keep your computer up to date. If you're having problems with a device then the first step is to update your device drivers. Updating all your drivers can increase functionality and improve performance considerably. ParetoLogic has made a very useful software program here, and I definitely suggest checking it out.

We always recommend that you create a new Windows restore point before updating your drivers, just in case you run into any issues.

Special Note: ParetoLogic is running a DriverCure bundle special that includes DriverCure, XoftSpySE, RegCure, DataRecovery, and Privacy Controls for one low price. This is an extremely good deal! Click Here to get this package! (You'll have to put in your name and email to see the full package deal).

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